best time of the year to visit DALLAS, tyler and the cattle ranches around

Dallas is the main travel hub  in the North-East Texas.

Dallas is a must-see travel destination, with a glamorous architecture and intense nightlife and shopping offers, also with plenty of art and culture opportunities.

 Dallas is a year-round destination, but summers can be harsh - definitely they aren't the best time of the year to visit the city and regional attractions such as Tyler or Fort Worth (the wide cattle grazing area, a few miles from Dallas).


Downtown Dallas offers top entertainment, and cultural and shopping opportunities: the Arts District with its museums and theatres, the City Hall or the Thanks-Giving Square are just a few of the city's highlights. 

But there are other important travel districts and attractions in Dallas: 

- the Deep Ellum district offers excellent food, nightlife and cultural life.

West End Historic district is a major tourist attraction, with its warehouses, amusements and fast food outlets. West End Historic district includes the Dealy Plaza, associated with John F. Kennedy assassination (you can visit here the JFK Memorial or the Conspiracy Museum)

- the Fair Park Art Deco plaza, home of the Sate Fair of Texas, is just a couple of blocks southeast Deep Ellum and has some of the best texan museums: the Dallas Museum of Natural History, the Women's Museum, the African-American Museum and the Hall of State Building with its Art Deco treasures. The Dallas Aquarium, the Science Place and the Dallas Zoo are also located here.

- the Southfork Ranch, home of the Ewing TV home series, around 25 miles northeast of Dallas, near I-75, is a top travel attraction.


As mentioned earlier, Dallas is a year-round destination, but summers can be harsh.

If you want to avoid high temperatures and humidity, don't go in the summer. Summers tend to be very hot and humid with some violent (though brief) thunderstorms, strong winds and heavy rain.

Winter is a rather unpredictable season. Weather varies greatly during the winter months and temperatures may drop sharply; for indoor activities, the winter months can be a good choice. 

Spring and Fall - usually with mild temperatures - are the best times to visit Dallas and the attractions around.

Best time of the year to visit tyler, caddo indian historic sites and texan cattle grazing areas

The area east of Dallas and west of Louisiana is a beautiful and mostly green region, with lots of lakes and rivers (and fish for fishing lovers).

Tyler - the Rose Capital of the World – and the vast Texan cattle grazing area are located in this region


If you like small beautiful small American towns, fishing, outdoor living, wildlife and national parks, then consider this area of East Texas.

Tyler and its magnificent rose gardens is a major attraction, but there are others.

The Caddo Indian historic sites (near Nacogdoches, at Caddoan Mounds State Historic Site) are also an obligatory visit. 

The Big Thicket National Preserve, south of Piney Woods, is a wild region hiding a huge variety of flora, birds, mammals (deer, armadillos, hogs, panthers...) and reptiles (alligators).

Hotels and Airport

Dallas downtown hotels are mostly geared toward the business visitor. There are few discount and cheap hotels, though you can get good deals in the weekends. Cheap hotels and B&B are mostly in the periphery of Dallas, next to the freeways.

Airport: Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW)


Spring and Fall are the best time to visit. The?weather and temperatures are more pleasant in this seasons.

Fall is an excellent time for fishing and Spring a very beautiful season in the fields and in towns such as Tyler. March and April are particularly colourful with their beds of roses and azaleas and lots of wild flowers.

Summer - though hot and with humid days - is also a popular period in the lake and river swimming sites. There are many water outdoor activities during the Summer.  


Winter has rather cold temperatures. Avoid also the summer if you aren't interested in outdoor water activities.

For details on monthly precipitation, temperatures and humidity see: Dallas Table Weather.

cowtowns, TEXAS

Fort Worth is just 30 miles west of Dallas. Known as "Cowtown", Fort Worth still reflects its Western heritage and its linkage to cattle trade. But it offers much more than just a recreation of the old West: with a more relaxing pace than Dallas, Fort Worth has excellent museums and places for food (Fort Worth is considered the capital of steak), shopping and amusements.


Fort Worth's main travel attractions are its downtown, the Cultural District and the Stockyards. 

main attractions are located in Sundance Square: an animated fourteen block area of restaurants, shops, bars, museums and theatres with lots of accommodation and a relaxing ambiance.

The Cultural District, a couple of miles west of downtown, offers a wonderful set of museums and art galleries: Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, Cattle Raiser's Museum, Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, Kimbell Art Museum, Amon Carter Museum, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth...

The Stockyard Area, two miles north of downtown, is an excellent recreation of the cattle ranching and the cowboys world and a major local tourist attraction.


Forth Worth's summers can be harsh, and Winter is a rather unpredictable time: weather can either be harsh or mild. 

Spring and Fall - with their mild temperatures - are the best times to visit Dallas and Forth Worth.

Sundance Square (in Fort Worth's downtown) and the Stockyards area offer plenty of cheap and mid-priced accommodations.

Airport: Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW)


Avoid Summer, unless you are considering indoor visits. Summer is very hot and too humid.

For details on temperatures and data weather, see the table below.

Dallas Traveler's Data Weather Guide

When not to go to Dallas and the region around:
Months with very low temperatures: December, January and February (and March)
Months with high humidity: late June to mid-September.
Best time to visit:
Best months of the year for traveler's: April, May, October.
Summer months: consider them for lake and river swimming activities.

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