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Michigan isn't just about cars and Detroit. Michigan has an intense web of travel attractions in the shorelines of its bordering lakes (mainly in Lake Michigan) and its charming villages and mid-size towns: Holland, Grand Rapids, MuskegonTraverse CitySt. Joseph, Ludington or Mackinaw or Ann Arbor.

Water sports, golf courses, skiing (in the less touristic Upper Peninsula), biking, fishing, top world class museums, an exceptional high number of town festivals, intense nightlife and gigantic malls.

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Michigan's Upper Peninsula 

Map of Michigan Lower Peninsula
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Michigan's winters are severe, with occasional snowstorms and intense rainfalls. The influence of the surrounding lakes is positive, and turns the climate less harsh, but doesn't prevent intense snowfalls (December through February) and cold.

Snow and winter is, of course, good news for those who enjoy skiing and winter sports. But if you are interested in other Michigan attractions, you may want to avoid the severe winter period.

If you prefer warm and agreeable weather, early Autumn is the best time to visit Michigan. Autumns brings a wonderful foliage spectacle, and very enjoyable days. In contrast, early and mid Spring are often cloudy, chilly, and rainy.

Early and mid Spring, or late Fall (or even Winter) are ideal times to enjoy indoor activities (the all year round water and theme parks in Michigan Lake coastline, or museums and other indoor activities in cities like Detroit) and benefit from lower accommodation rates and fewer crowds.

As for the Summer, well, this is simply the most popular period. Most of the festivals and animation in the smalerl villages, or in towns like Holland, Ludington, or Ann Arbor happen in the summer; and beaches, and the water parks and the coast line of Lake Huron, Lake Superior and Lake Michigan are, of course, particularly crowded and animated during this period.


Do not go to Michigan in the Winterand early Spring if you're not into winter sports and dislike intense chilly weather, snow and heavy precipitation.

Avoid July and August if you mainly want to enjoy Michigan's indoor activities and want cheap accommodation and fewer crowds.

For details on the Michigan's weather and climate see below:

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