Best Time to Visit Maryland

Baltimore - the Crab City - is a combination of world-class attractions: music, clubs, discos and bars, shopping, architecture, museums, different lifestyles... The National Aquarium, The Science Center, or the Baltimore Inner Harbor are just some of the main travel references in Baltimore.

Best time to visit Baltimore
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Best time to visit Maryland


Baltimore Downtown

Downtown Baltimore is a great sample of the whole city, namely the Inner Harbor, a must see area with food markets, boutiques, restaurants, year-round acrobats, street musicians and magicians ready to amuse, and always with something or some event for everyone.

Downtown Baltimore includes, among other main attractions, the National Aquarium (Baltimore's most popular site, in the Inner Harbor area), the Orion Park at Camden Yards, the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, the Maryland Science Center (also in the Inner Harbor area). 

Other Popular districts (for drinking, food and nightlife)

- the Fell's Point district (east of downtown, next to Little Italy): a livelier historical district, and Baltimore's top tourist reference for drinking and nightlife.
Canton (east of Fell's Point) and Federal District (south and next to Inner Harbor): excellent alternatives to Fell's Point and to the Power Plant Life! complex (in 34 Market Place, next to Inner Harbor).
Little Italy: an historic district, excellent for food and amusement.

Most popular tourist attractions in Baltimore:

Maryland Science Center 
Located at the end of Inner Harbor, the Maryland Science Center provides visitors with an interactive voyage into science. The museum has an extensive array of displays and exhibits and is a must see-visit. 
National Aquarium in Baltimore 
The National Aquarium provides a world-class fun and educational visit for everyone.
Oriole Park at Camden Yards 
If you are an enthusiast of baseball, don’t miss this site. 

Top museums 

Baltimore Civil War Museum and President Street Station 
Baltimore Maritime Museum 
Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum 
Harborplace & The Gallery
The Babe Ruth Birthplace and Official Orioles Museum 
The Baltimore Museum of Art 
The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum


Mid and late Spring have mild weather, as well as Fall. These are great times for visiting Baltimore, if you want to privilege the weather issue.

Mid and late Spring is a particularly good time to visit Baltimore if your like baseball  or festivals and events. 

Summer has many hot and humid days (July is the warmest month, with average temperatures around 85-90s); rain peaks are also attained in July and August, but we shouldn't forget that summer is an excellent time for nightlife and events.


Avoid weekends in the most popular tourist attractions (namely the National Aquarium).

There are cold snaps and disagreeable days in Winter, you may want to avoid... January is the coldest month, with average temperature around 20-25s.

If you don't want to risk humid and very hot days, then avoid the July-August period.


Baltimore Weather Map


Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) is ten miles south of downtown Baltimore (25 miles norhteast of Washington). The MTA light rail system is a cheap and quick way to get into the city.

Downtown is a good bet for accommodation, though offer is scarce in the cheap category. The offer is mainly in the mid-range prices, with the classical chain hotels. You can also find a good offer of nice B&B in the Fell's Point district.