Best Time Visit Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles isn't just the largest city in California, and home of Hollywood and its movie stars. Los Angeles is a vibrant and astonishing city. Los Angeles is all about nightlife, clubs, discos and bars, and also shopping, beaches, music, architecture, museums, new lifestyles... 

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Los Angeles offers a myriad of world-class attractions: food, music, architecture, museums, gardens, lifestyles, incredible residential areas, and so on. Check out the following references:

Plaza District, the Civic Center, the Bunker Hill and Broadway are home of top world class museums, buildings, restaurants, historic parks, gardens. Los Angeles downtown is a great sample of the whole city.
See Hollywood
West Los Angeles
A set of world famous residential areas that include Beverly Hills, Westwood and the Getty Center.
Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu
Great beach and cultural centers in Los Angeles, as well as major examples of LA lifestyle and richness.
Home of Disneyland


Los Angeles weather

The sea and mountains around Los Angeles coastal basin act against the extreme summer heat and inland winter cold. Los Angeles and the small towns integrated in Los Angeles, have mild weather conditions, with some differences: spring and summer times in the San Fernando Valley - Burbank, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, etc. - are hotter than in Los Angeles' downtown, or Beverly  Hills, Hollywood and Mid-Wilshire districts. And coastal places as Malibu, Santa Monica, and Venice are cooler.

Los Angeles most popular period

Any time is good to visit Los Angeles, but Summer is the best. July through early October is the most popular period to visit Los Angeles. Outdoor living (concerts, music, eating, biking...) and beach life are mainly centred in the rainless summer months. 

Los Angeles smog 

And yet Los Angeles is often affected by a known and unpleasant weather phenomenon in the period between June and October: urban smog, a combination of fog and pollution due to cars and industry, which is often a cause of air-quality alerts.


If you want to avoid smog then avoid the period between June and October.

If you you want less crowds and lower prices in accommodation and other services, then do not choose the summer. Instead, choose March, April and May, or the period between September and November. If you want less packed periods, avoid also the major holidays. Thanksgiving is a specially packed period, with much higher accommodation prices.  

If you want to avoid especially packed days, weeks and weekends, then do not travel to Los Angeles in Thanksgiving and in Presidents' Day weekend (February), Easter week, Memorial Day weekend (end of May), the Fourth of July, Labour Day weekend (September), Christmas, New Year's, and other holidays . 

Winter storms are usually brief and winter's blue and sunny skies are very frequent. But winter is always the rainy season (it rains an average of 6 days per month in Winter) which you may want to avoid...  

Mountains near LA are magnificent and perfect for skiing in Winter.

Weather map

Los Angeles Weather Map


Location of your accommodation is important in your Los Angeles visit. Los Angeles is a very large city and you risk spending too much time in transportation if you choose a peripheral hotel. Hollywood is a district where you will easily find central and budget accommodation (though some streets are rather insecure at night). Downtown is a good bet for accommodation, as well as Santa Monica, Venice and Malibu (these last places are very good options: they are near LAX airport, they are well served by public transports connecting them to other Los Angeles districts, they are fresher and less subject to summer smog and they allow full security and plenty of outdoor activities and beach life).

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