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Forty million tourists each year. Fourteen of the world's largest casino-hotels, fulfilling its visitors' most profound fantasies and dreams. 130.000 hotel rooms, and around a quarter of a million tourists every high and mid-season weekends. A city born in the middle of the desert in the last hundred years. That's Las Vegas, the capital of gaming, and indeed a unique city.

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Map of Las Vegas Strip
Map of Las Vegas Strip 

Most of Las Vegas' big attractions are centred in The Strip, a stretch of its downtown, around Las Vegas Boulevard (see the map on right).

The biggest hotel-casinos are there, in the Strip, mixed with thousands of restaurants, wedding chapels, bars and clubs. The remaining Las Vegas is mainly formed by residential areas.

Explore the map below for further details

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The best time to visit Las Vegas depends on what you want and value. 

If you want to enjoy the high season, with its glamour and crowds fever, then March through May and October are the way to go (get your hotel reservations well in advance, in this case).

But if you want to avoid the crowds and get the best rates for your accommodation, then you should travel during Summer or after October, avoiding the high season.

Obviously there are some particularities you must also take into account. Namely, don't forget that accommodation and services prices rise in: 

- Memorial Day and Labour Day (due to the combination of weekend rates with holiday demands).
- The second (or third) week of November (due to COMDEX, the worlds largest computer show).
- The first two weeks of December (due to National Finals Rodeo). 
- New Year's Eve and the days around it.
- Thanksgiving weekend.

Be also aware of the differences between weekdays and weekends: accommodations prices differ greatly, and many hotels don't accept arrivals on Saturdays or even in Fridays.

As to weather, Vegas has really hot summers and chilly winters, but air conditioning is a great help. Since entertainment in Vegas is mostly indoors, the weather isn't usually terribly important.

Here is some data about weather in Las Vegas:

Vegas has around 300 days of sunshine annually, but also cold winters. In the chilliest winter nights, temperatures might dip down to 32°F/0ºC. Nevada temperatures can be very warm in the day, but nights can also be quite chilly. So, be prepared with the proper clothing, if you intend to enjoy The Strips street ambiance.

Fall and Spring have nice sunny weather and occasional rainy days (on average it doesn't rain more than two-three days in any month). Humidity is always low or very low. 

Summer days are very hot during daytime, but at night temperatures are agreeable (hotel pools are crowded in the Summer).

See weather details in the Weather Map below.


There isn't exactly a bad time to visit Las Vegas. If you want to beat crowds and get better prices on accommodation, avoid the high season (March through May and October). Also avoid Memorial Day, Labour Day, the second (or third) week of November, the first two weeks of December, New Year's Eve and the days around it and Thanksgiving.

If you want to avoid more extreme temperatures, then see the weather table below for detailed information.

Weather Data

Las Vegas Weather Map


Vegas hotels rooms rates vary greatly through seasons (October and March to May are the high price season), and during the week and in holidays. Many hotels don't accept Saturday arrivals, and usually prices rise strongly on Fridays and Saturdays.

Vegas airport (McCarran International Airport) is only a 5 minutes drive from Las Vegas Strip (and around 1 hour flight/4 hours drive from Los Angeles; and 5 hours flight from New York and 3 hours flight from Chicago).




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