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Colorado is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Just west of Denver stands the Summit County and resorts as Aspen and Vail, that make Colorado the major skiing destination in America. 

But Colorado isn't just skiing. Biking, hiking, fishing or boating are also major outdoor attractions in Colorado's Summer... And there is also the astonishing Rocky Mountain National Park (attracting millions of visitors), or Mesa Verde National Park, or cities as Colorado Springs, Boulder and Durango... Not to speak of Denver, the great metropolis and hub to the Rocky Mountains and its attractions and resorts.


Colorado Springs
Grand Junction

Resorts and resort-cities
Winter Park
Steamboat Springs
Summit County (Frisco, Dillon, Breckenridge, Silverthorne...)
Glenwood Springs

National Parks:
Rocky Mountain National Park
Mesa Verde National Park

 Maps of Colorado State


If your goal is ski, then the best time to go to Colorado is obviously during the ski season: from late November to March, and in some resorts till April and May and, exceptionally till June, when snow conditions allow it.

Summer is also a very popular season. Summer is the best season to visit places as the Rocky Mountain National Park, and also to enjoy the many outdoor activities - biking, boating, fishing, summer festivals and art events - in cities as Denver but also in several mountain resorts. Here, the temperatures tend to be mild, or even fresh in the highest places (anyway, you should be prepared for huge daily variations).  

Fall is a nice season also, namely early Fall, if you intend to visit the Rocky Mountain Park, or enjoy the agreeable temperatures and magnificent mountain landscapes. 

From October on, the weather becomes much colder, and the many outdoor activities tend to give their space to ski.


Spring – and specifically the period from late March to May -, the «mud season» (due to snow melting…) is the least popular time to visit Colorado. But if you are looking for discounts and smaller crowds, then Spring can be a good season. 

In Spring you may still get some ski resorts open (Loveland or Arapahoe Basin Ski for instance) with good prices, and if intend to privilege the weather issue, Spring is also a good time for visiting the big cities.

Summer can be too hot outside the mountain resorts. Summer is an excellent option for vacations involving biking, or fishing and boating in local mountain resorts, but you may want to avoid the humidity and the high temperatures in many city destinations.

Details on Colorado's weather

See: Denver Weather Map


Denver International Airport, 24 miles northeast of downtown, is an immense and ultra-modern hub to Colorado's most popular resorts and to a wide region that comprises many destinations in neighboring states.

Denver presents a wide accommodation offer, ranging from B&B, luxurious downtown hotels or motels and good priced hotels.

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